MagmaBall LookDev

I am working on a small personal project and wanted to play a little bit with Maya's procedural features.
Usually I don't like to use procedurals from any software because it gives you a very CG-ish look, but actually if you tweak them and play with the parameters of the textures you can get pretty cool results.The scene I'm working on has a dark atmosphere and I want to add fog to the environment and there is a rock with magma inside...So I am playing with many parameters and textures that I had never touched before and it's a lot of fun.Here is the Look Development of the magma rock material. The shader was created with a 3D texture of Marble and by remapping the values with a simple Remap HSV node I can get different maps such as reflectivity, Spec, Incandescence...Then in Nuke play with a cool node I discovered a couple of weeks ago called "VolumeRays" which creates the effect of this light beams based on the luminance values of the shader (driven by the incandescence)Maya and Nuke are such extended softwares, that every single project I work on I always learn something new, and I love that :P !!!!Hopefully I will finish the scene soon and post it, until then, here is the look development of the scene.

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