At Lost Boys School of VFX we have a project called "Still Life" were we have to pick an object from the real world and do a CG representation of if.
We have to deal with many different process, from choosing our object, taking photos for the textures, modeling techniques, texturing and a cool way to build a powerful shader in Maya with just a normal Blinn, and then of course rendering different layers for a better control in Comp.
Since I loved this project and learned a lot of new things working on it, I decided to keep modeling interesting stuff around me on my free time.
This is a necklace I have, it's a Maori symbol that represents water,kinda cool eh?
It's been modelled in Maya and comped in Nuke and After Effects.
I have a bunch of small and cool object like this to work on so when I do a few of them I will build a small reels of turntables with them,

Hope you like them :)

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