The Bots are coming!!

I had couple of weeks off and spent most of my free time preparing my next personal project.
Yes, it's going to be about robots!
The main goal for this project is to create several still images with some background plates I photographed and try to integrate some mechanical looking thing.
So it's all about integration: establish a nice lighting and try to create proper materials that seem to react correctly to the environment. But of course, I also work on other tasks like modeling and the final compositing and post effects which is always fun to do.

I have in mind 3 different models for the bots to work on, but so far this is all I got.

It's all pretty rough, straight snapshots from Maya's render viewport.
I'm not even worrying about calculating the shadows, AO or adding post effects. Just blocking the lights and checking how the CG looks against the plate.

I'll post the final renders and probably a "Making-off" about this project.
Let see how it comes...

Thanks for coming by!

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