I was able to finish this robot during my spare time. Rendered with Mental Ray. I brought the render into Photoshop to add some effects like smoke, lights, flares, grain... did some color grading and that kind of stuff.

Here are some utility passes I render for extra control in post. They come in handy for minor tweaks!

I had more robotic ideas for images like that and some of them are actually halfway done, but finally I decided to drop many heheh. Anyway, I might post another 3D robot sometime in the future!

Hope you like my work.
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  1. You've got some great stuff. Do you ever work with film makers?

    1. Thank you for your comment Tollef. Yes, fortunately I am working in the VFX industry. I don't work directly with Filmakers such us directors or DOPs. I work in a studio focused in VFX with a bunch of other talented artists and my supervisors.
      I also used to work with independent directors who asked me for help to do some VFX for their indie shorts. But right now I just don't have enough time.

      I'll be posting new stuff shortly.

      Thanks for visiting!