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We are reaching the end of our VFX course at Lost Boys and we've got many things to do. We have to prepare our demo reels, websites, resumes, etc. And also we are working on our personal projects, however, there is actually not so much time to work on them.
The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to try something easy, or tweak old projects to make them look better. For example, some of my classmates are comping their, CG still life objects into live action plate, which is a very cool thing that I will have to do to (I didn't even shot the plate yet though XD)

I thought that for my personal project I could go with my second idea for the UFO, because I was planning it from a long time ago, and I knew exactly the result that I wanted. The problem is that I won't have enough time for this project because there are too may things to do.
Here is an animatic of it:

 Before moving to Leviathan Studios in Railway st., Lost Boys school used to be near Commercial dr. and we had a pretty view of the city of Vancouver from the rooftop.
We were having some clear days with amazing sunsets so I decided to bring my camera and shoot some panos. Then I realized that with that material I could do I cool UFO project with a beautiful lighting.
I'd be able to practice many different tasks like building environments in 3D, and also in 2D matte paintings and merging them in comp to create the final set. Add some air traffic in the mid ground and background, put some keyed people on the station where the ship lands, and play with the CG lighting of it to create a cool and dynamic atmosphere, and aaaaall the enhancements that I can add in comp, like volumetric light, heat distortion, smoke, flying birds... Many things!!!!! I know, but I really wanted to go with them.
 But as I said before, we are finishing our course, and I have no time for another UFO project like this right now. So I'm gonna have to leave it for now and retake it some day later. No matter how long it takes or how many time I have... this is a project that I must finish!

What I did so far was to model the main space ship. I have a nice compilation of ships from different resources, interntet, models from friends that they give to me and even my own models that I did for past projects. I want to use them for the BG air traffic, but for the main one I wanted to create a new one, to practice a bit more my modeling skills and to enhance my CG assets library ;P
I wanted to finish it in just one week and it took me 2! (FAAAAIL) XD but I'm happy with it.
I took the concept from Concept ships, an amazing compilation of the best concept art of spaceships and Sci-Fi scenes. Highly recommended for people who likes this genre!
The artist who inspired me is Maxim Revin. I really like his style and the way he chooses his color palette for his work. Awesome artist!
Here you can check the piece of his concept art.
Of course I didn't model it following exactly the concept, but I tried to stick with the shape and colors. What I really like is the back engines, how powerful the look. There were areas that I could not see because the painting only reveals the side of it (that's why the front of my model doesn't look very well elaborated heheh) I wish I could have more creativity and merge the empty areas that I could not see with cooler shapes and pieces, but I am quite limited for that (that's why I really admire so much the great work of good concept artists)

So the this is where my project of Vancouver 2023 has gone so far, and now it will have to rest for a bit. It makes me sad, I really wanted to show this shot in my demo reel for my graduation but there is no way for me to finish this in 2 weeks, specially when we have a lot of pressure getting ready to jump to the world of the industry of VFX!!
And even if I could finish it in 2 weeks, I know it wouldn't looks as good as it can if I work on it in a more calm and relaxed way. So, no matter what it takes, I'll finish this shot one day and I'll post it here in this Blog!

From now on I'll keep working on my reel, resume, and website, and if I have time, I'll work in some simple shot for my last and personal project at Lost Boys.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
Please let me know what you think about this project :)

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