Couple days ago I was shooting the plates for the still life object, so I asked help to my classmate and friend Rajavel because he has a good eye for lighting and he is pretty good setting up camera angles and stuff like that. But also he is very creative, so he can turn simple shots into epic ideas!!!

So after we shot my simple plates for the integration of my still life objects we started to try several shots for different ideas, like having actors interacting with the 3D object and that kind of things.

We end up having 3 actors on the shot, ShaneYongmin, and myself included. We wanted to do something simple, instead of interacting phisically with the object, we would control it with our minds (this make the job way easier but still is something cool to do!)

At the beginning I wasn't sure about using those plates, but when we were watching the plates, we thought..."why not work on one shot together?" 
Just to try, without worrying about if it's gonna look cool or if's gonna look like crap.
Let's just do it! "Cebooooola"... like Weverton usually says (which means "quick and dirty")
Doesn't matter the final result, let's just do our best and see what we get.
We decided to finish the shot as soon as possible so we invited the rest of our classmates to participate on the shot.

Andre, did the matchmove and he did a great job because the plate was quite difficult to track.

Then we gave the scene to Wev who worked on the animation. I love the way the object feels, its weight the interaction of its motion with our acting.
Once the animation was done I was responsible to do the lighting of the scene and prepare the render layers for comp. I wasn't a big deal, since I prepared the lighting on set with Raja so I knew which lights we had.
Finally, I gave the render layers to Rajavel for the final comp where he tweaked the CG object and made it look more realistic and well integrated on the live action plate.
A nice color grading, final touches and the project was done!!

We finished the project in less than 6 hours (render time not included)
A simple but very funny project which gave us the chance to work in a small team structure and  a very organized fashion. Just like our group project but in less time!
I really liked the experience and, personally, I like the shot a lot!

We realized that we can do this cool and creative things in a very quick way if we work together.
Working doing visual effects and 3D graphics is is just great! But is one of the best experiences when you work them with your friends!!! :D

Never stop creating guys!!

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