So we have been working at Lost Boys in our UFO projects last January. This is, in my opinion, the most exciting project of the VFX course. We basically have the freedom to design our own shots and if we want we build our own ships from concept art references and things like that.
Teachers are helping us a lot to make cool effects like thrusters afterburners, heat distortion, supersonic waves, smoke trails and much more. We can practice many different tasks like modeling, photorealistic shading, matte painting, animation and of course compositing.
I attached some WIP images of the work I have done so far. We have only 2 more weeks so we need to work very hard to give the final tweaks to make our shots cool and epic!! :P

Cargo Ship (final shading still work in progress) 

Fighter Ship 

Fighter Ship 

LookDev of the final shot

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