More Bots!

  About a year ago I was asked if I could work freelance on a robotic CG asset for a sci-fi short film. The model looked badass and it had a very elaborated rig which made possible to play with it and change it in several different poses.


My contribution to this cool buddy was to work on the textures and shaders based on provided pieces of concept art. I also render and comped a couple frames for my portfolio and for fun!

The best thing was that even though this project is done in a very amateur way (it's the director's side project that he is working on his spare time) and several different artists worked on this remotely from different places of the world, it felt somewhat more professional than most of the companies I worked on so far, and everything went nice and smooth.

The project is about to get done shortly, so I will post a link to the final film soon.

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