Personal Project TESF: Done!

So that was the edit of the 4 shots I worked on this project with the breakdowns of each shot and my very limited sound editing skills.
This is going to be the last post about TESF, therefore I consider this project as finished!!! wwhooaayeeeahwaaaa!!!
It took way more than I expected though. It has a lot of things that could use a bit of extra work, but if I keep making changes I will never ever finish it!
On the other hand, there are so many things that  worked as I planned and I am very happy for that.

It was a great personal project to work on, and I learned a lot.

Here is the las version of the SR-71 turntable, extremely slow so that it's easier to see the details (and the anti-aliasing issues... hehe)

I hope you enjoy the edit and the shots.
Thanks a lot to everybody who followed this from the far beginning (OMG the end of July 2012!!)
and everybody who gave me feed back. Was a lot of help!

Till next time!

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