Happy New Year and Happy New Projects!

Hi everyone!

So 2012 reached its end and the New Year 2013 just started. So why not start a new personal project with it? Actually, I did started this like a month ago but anyways...

2012 has been great, I graduated from Lost Boys, got my first job at Goldtooth, and I was able to practice and develop my VFX skills in several fields. And of course, the more I learn the more I want to know!

So this one is going to be another "flying aircraft/spaceship/helicopter" project. This time, instead of going full CG is going to be more about the integration of CG elements and set extensions into the original Plat, which I took at some point from Canada Place in Vancouver.

During Christmas vacation I had the chance to work on the model I chose for this shot (UNSC Falcon from Halo)
There was a lot of concept art and other footage I was able to use for reference, but still I did add my own spin to it just because it's a bit easier sometimes not being attach 100% to the original concepts.

I am pretty happy with it so far. I am probably over modeling in areas that are not even going to be seen, I just do that because is not a production project, it's just personal, and I like to keep practicing my modeling skills. 

I guess I'll spend one more day modeling details in the exterior, doing UVs and some scene clean up.
After that I'll start working on shaders and textures and finally comp and integration.

Thanks for watching!
I wish you a Happy New and Creative Year 2013!!!

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