GT's cinematic: Forza Horizon

Goldtooth Creative's Forza Horizon Cinematic Reel from Goldtooth Creative on Vimeo.

Couple months ago I was working at this awesome creative agency called Goldtooth Creative. I had the chance to participate in the cinematic of two great games.

They just released a cool reel of this one for Forza and looks really nice.

Of course the work I did is minimum, but still, it just reminds me those days of summer working with a team of great and talented artists.
Although, for a racing game I would prefer to watch cars at full speed, dynamic shots, camera shake and all of that, rather than people talking and dancing, but, that's what the studio was asked for, and they did a great and outstanding job, as always.
Make sure you check out their work because it is amazing!

I loved working at Goldtooth, specially loved that was my first job and company in the VFX industry.


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