Matte Painting - The Explorers

Here is my latest personal project. I had some time off from work and that gave me the chance to finish some of the stuff from my personal shelf.
Nothing crazy in technical aspects, just a straight 2D matte painting using Photoshop and lots of elements from my personal photo library. This time, I added a little touch of sci-fi/fantasy topic and tried to create a bit of "other-world" feeling.

In previous personal projects I tried to stick with a photorealistic approach, but in this case, I wasn't too concern about being way too dramatic and putting the realism of the piece in "danger". I feel it is often more fun to exaggerate nature to add emphasis and make the piece more interesting, rather than just focusing on make it look real.

I hope you liked the project. I will try to do an actual projection and add a camera move to create a shot for the next project.

Thanks for visiting!

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