Matte Painting - Rocky Path

Another personal Matte Painting I did on my free time.
For this one I decided to keep things even more simple and used only photo elements and a little bit of hand painting techniques. The main purpose of this project was to practice a Day for Night conversion and apply a mood based on night scenes of films like "The Hobbit" with very saturated blue light a the dominant environment light and little warm accents caused by the fire in the ground. 
I didn't have any intention of adding statues, but browsing my visual library, I found a cool statue with a nice rim light that I felt it would integrate really well. It did, and I kinda liked it so I started adding more and more!!

Below you can find the original plate I shot and some references I grabbed before starting the painting.

Original Plate

And here is the Breakdown:

Matte Painting Rocky Path from Pedro Colmenares on Vimeo.

I have more MP project started so as soon as I finish them I will post them.

Thanks for watching!

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